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When you're comparing gas blower/vacs, you'll want to make note of three things: air speed, air flow and the unit's weight. All three affect how much of a chore your yard cleanup will be.

On the first count, air speed, this Poulan rates very well, registering 205 mph; you'll find a lot of comparable blowers listed closer to 150 mph. Coupled with that is how much air the engine is actually moving, and of course, the more, the better. This one's rated at an impressive 400 cubic feet per minute, which, for a handheld blower like this, is a mighty lot of volume. Combined, these two details mean you've got great air power for blowing leaves, grass clippings, light debris and other yard waste.

This blower is no heavier than its competitors, but of course, once you flip the switch and start vacuuming leaves, you're carrying that weight with you, albeit with a shoulder strap. It does have a higher mulching ratio than others (16:1, turning 16 bags of leaves into one mulched bag) in its class, turning leaves and grass clippings into a nice, fine mulch for flower beds or just more compact bagged yard waste.

It's a pleasure to use, and it beats raking and sweeping.