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Chemical Bottles
4 Pack Chemical Bottles

This 4 pack chemical bottles is sure to satisfy all of your chemical container needs.

  • Contains 4 industrial spray bottles
  • Adjustable sprayer output : Shut-Off, Fine Spray Mist, Coarse Spray, Jet Stream
  • Three times regular sprayer output
  • Leak proof Shut Off
  • Extra Long Trigger
  • Molded-in Measuring Guides
Uses: Glass Cleaner, Disinfectant, All Purpose Cleaner, Water, Spotter, Weed Killer, Air Freshener, Pesticide, Spray Buff, Plant Fertilizer, etc.

Only $2.99/4 Pack

Package dimensions: 13 in Length X 11 in Wide X 9 in Depth
Weight: 2 lbs

(1) 4 Pack
Anywhere in the U.S.
Flat Rate Shipping : $7.49

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