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Do's and Dont's



·  DO think safety first, use proper safety equipment and insulated tools

·  DO perform regular inspections and maintenance, especially in hot weather

·  DO recharge immediately after discharge

·  DO follow all manufacturer's instructions on the proper care and handling of your battery

·  DO add ONLY distilled water to electrolyte

·  DO recharge completely

·  DON’T add new electrolyte

·  DON’T overcharge

·  DON’T use starting batteries for deep cycle applications

·  DON’T place in storage without some type of device available to keep them charged

·  DON’T disconnect cables while the engine is running

·  DON’T delay in recharging

·  DON’T add tap water to electrolyte to avoid contaminating it

·  DON’T discharge any deeper than necessary

·  DON’T let them get hot to the touch and boil violently when charging

·  DON’T mix sizes and types

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